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Turf Care

When living in the desert, as Grand Junction is, the art of caring for your lawn is learned over time.  What works in other areas of the country may not work here.  With our expert help we can create the right environment for your turf to thrive.  Turf Care Grand Junction, CO should be a class offered at Colorado Mesa University!  Our dry air creates unique challenges.  Call today for the professional help you need to get your lawn looking like a pro.

Tree Care

One of the challenges that face land owners with trees during winter months is adequate watering.  What?  Yes, even in our climate where we get snow and rain, our trees need a drink from time to time throughout the Winter to keep them healthy.  Once spring comes the health of the tree is shown out, but wouldn’t you like to plan that?  We have expertise to help you keep your trees in tip top shape.  From fungus to insects and anything in between, we have a solution for your tree needs.

Lawn Service Plans

Whether you have 50 square feet or 50,000 square feet of grass we have a Lawn Service Plan that will keep your turf looking great.  As you can imagine it doesn’t happen on accident and it doesn’t happen on it’s own.  A well thought out plan considering the soil type, irrigation schedule and proper nutrients is the solution we provide.  Looking for a great lawn and time to spend enjoying it?  Then plan on joining one of our service plans that keeps you in the place of enjoying your time off with family and friends and we will keep the green in your lawn!

Spring is on it’s way!

Before you know it the snow will be melted, the rivers will be running full, the canal will be full and ready to water your lawn.  Do you have any concerns about your soil conditions or other factors that would cause your lawn to be less than it’s best this season?  Call today to schedule time with a pro who can answer these questions and more for you.  When you see a home with a great yard, you know there was careful thought and planning behind it.  But most of us have not had all the training to create that great looking yard.  That’s why our professionals are available to come create a professional plan for you!  

Whom we serve:

We serve Grand Junction, Delta and Montrose communities and have humbly done so since 1982

Greg Kolsky - Owner/Operator - American Turf and Tree Care

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